Seafood Rock Filler

Seafood Rock Filler is a delicious dish to savour on in breakfast! This recipe is a healthy amalgamation of seafood, mornay sauce and assorted herbs. A plate full of taste and health right in your kitchen.

Seafood Rock Filler


  • Baked tart of mixed sea food served with phyllo fruit bowl
  • 1 Savory tart shell (semi baked)
  • 75 Gram Mixed sea food
  • 50 Gram Mornay sauce
  • Assorted herb and seasoning
  • 1 sheet Phyllo pastry
  • 100 Gram Assorted seasonal fruit

How to Make Seafood Rock Filler

  • 1. Mix assorted sea food with mornay sauce and assorted herbs.
  • 2. Pour it inside a semi baked savory shell and bake till it gets a golden colour from all side, serve it hot with phyllo cup fruit basket.

key Ingredients: Baked tart of mixed sea food served with phyllo fruit bowl, Savory tart shell (semi baked), Mixed sea food, Mornay sauce, Assorted herb and seasoning, Phyllo pastry, Assorted seasonal fruit.

Preparation time for making dish :-

  • Recipe Servings: 2
  • Prep Time: 05 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 Minutes
  • Total Cook Time: 20 Minutes


I don’t know about you, but when my husband volunteers to do our grocery shopping, I happily let him take on that task for the week… even if I know some things NOT on my grocery list will find their way into the shopping cart (funny how that always happens)!

Such was the case a few weeks ago! My husband, Ken, came home and proudly told me about some great seafood he sampled at the store and how he bought some of the fish, and how cool it was that the seafood manager even tucked in some fresh herbs to cook with it.

I asked him what KIND of fish he bought… and he said ROCKFISH.  Wait… what?  ROCKFISH? I had NEVER EVER heard of it before, and now I have a couple “mystery fish” fillets in my refrigerator that need cooking? So I looked it up online.

Turns out “rockfish” is also called Pacific Red Snapper, Striped Bass or Rock Cod in North America (there are a LOT of varieties). Most types of this mild-flavored fish are typically found in the Northern Pacific ocean. A simple 5 ounce serving provides nearly 2/3 of a typical adult’s daily protein requirements, and is very low in calories.

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